Total Body Transformation

Posted on: July 2, 2016 by in Exercise, Personal Training
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Ever year, more and more products are invented promising the same things.

Buy this new exercise machine, and lose 2 inches in 2 weeks!Miracle-Pills
New miracle pill that curbs hunger and forces your body to shed unwanted pounds!
Latest diet plan to hit the market has fat literally melting off your body!

Let’s get real folks. You want the best body of your life? It’s only going to come one way. Lifestyle change, hard work and dedication, aligned with a healthy diet. That’s the big secret. We were not designed to sit in an office chair staring at a computer, traveling home in a motorized vehicle, then laying on the couch consuming food out of bags or pre-boxed meals until the bed calls to us.

Now I am not telling you to get a physical job or walk to work everyday (but hey, if its close, why not?). But there is something you can do, and that is starting a life transforming routine. Not just a body transforming, but life transforming, and Randall Powell can help you along your path to total health.

Starting with some physical exercise. Randall will train you the proper form and techniques for various exercises so you can get into shape safely. More importantly, he will be there to motivate you and push you further than you ever thought possible. In order to exercise right, you also need to eat right. Be sure to check out our page on nutrition.

When you start changing your body both inside from proper nutrition and outside with personal training, your body will naturally have more energy, less stress, and most importantly, that feeling of success and personal achievement. Call Randall today to start your body transformation through personal training today!

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