Randall Powell Personal Trainer Fitness Instructor

Randall’s passion for health, fitness and wellness started during his middle school days while he played basketball. Once in high school, Randall changed his focus to track and field sports, while concentrating on distance running and hurdling.

Following high school, Randall enlisted in the United States Navy where he joined the boxing team in his command. After the military, Randall completed his Associates and Bachelors degrees and began his graduate studies.

Still, that wasn’t enough – if you were to ask Randall now what his heart’s intent and deliberate desire were – he will tell you with an astounding excitement it is “to help others live healthier lives.”

Randall Powell is a personal trainer in Naples FL, he has won several body physique competitions and holds multiple professional certifications. He maintains the IFTA Certified Personal Trainer certification, as well as being a certified nutrition specialist.

How does Randall’s service stand out?

“When my clients talk, I listen. Their goals and fitness needs become my commitment and motivation. We will hold one another accountable and together, we are successful. I love helping others achieve their physical best. I am always humbled when a client trusts me to help them reach their physical fitness goals and together, we meet and oftentimes, exceed those expectations.”